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The Bubiko Orwell Tour/Startup/Pitchdeck/Presentation

This is outdated. For my startup plans, write to me directly at bubikofoodtour at mark Please look for more recent posts. This, for example, is an overview of the first three months of my AR activities in 2019. Thank you. SB Risk is what differentiates business from entrepreneurship, separates art from craft. It is …

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This is a placeholder for now… not all of these links are live yet. Ask me if you have any questions… 3how AR (Augmented Reality) Beach Road 360 “VR” movie (+ screening at Singapore National Museum) Stephen Black’s Book and ebooks Bubiko Foodtour David Severn The Doughbots The Dundercats The Fierce Aunty’s No-nonsense Guide to …

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destination city branding

Ipoh: the brand (sketches)

Selamat sejahtera, Di sini saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada semua orang atas layanan yang diberikan kepada saya pada pagi Jumaat yang lalu. Saya amat bersyukur kerana diberi peluang untuk menyaksikan permulaan kepada identiti baru Ipoh yang lebih berkuasa. Semoga yang terbaik kepada semua yang terlibat dengan perjalanan ini. Berikut merupakan lakaran saya setelah sekian …

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Ipoh image by Bubiko Foodtour

Unity 3D: 2D Size in AR…?

Two video tutorials, both about how to create AR projects with Unity3D and Vuforia, posted on Youtube by Professor Fabian Winkler from the Department of Art, Culture and Technology at Purdue University: However, I am not a Unity developer, and my planned AR project will be my first. With this in mind, the following images …

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Ipoh, Malaysia

AR: Before the Launch

I’m bootstrapping my AR startup. The bootstraps are frayed; my boots have no heels; they’ve been pounded against the pavements of Southeast Asia. I march without a laptop; using internet cafes and the computers in hotel lobbies. My partner and I are researching the foods of Southeast Asia; one of our AR characters is Bubiko …

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AR opportunity graphic

oppARtunity… now!

My background, as related to the possibilities of AR, the new cinema/theatre/text-artform/communication business: – Beach Road, the 360 movie I produced with Hiverlab, was nominated for Best Experimental film at the 2016 VR Fest Las Vegas, and featured at the 2015 Brisbane Film Festival. -established Book Merah, and have written, published/epublished eight books including one …

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Stephen Black: 72 hour Facebook Live Broadcast

THE BROADCAST IS HERE. HELLO Augmented Reality,art, Southeast Asian food, Bubiko Foodtour, VR, music, haikus, photographs, videos, unusualness… and discussions, readings from, and free downloads of, EBOOKS! The broadcast starts at 3PM September 30, Malaysia time, ends on Monday, October 2 at 3PM Malaysia time. Until October 2, these ebooks are free downloads on Amazon: …

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food advertising

With Bubiko Foodtour at the I Love Penang Festival in KL

July 2, 2017. The I Love Penang Carnival, held in Central Park, Bandar Utama near Kuala Lumpur… Besides sampling food, the excursion was a way of uniting three projects of mine. First, Bubiko Foodtour tests were conducted for AR models and photos taken for her blog and Instagram accounts. Secondly, I created images with an …

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screenshot of video interview on youtube


To find out what nownownow is about, visit!   I am now working on an AR app featuring Bubiko Foodtour, promoting Bubiko’s book on AR, promoting Newspaper Drumsticks.  I am finishing Detroit and Cherry. Soon to start preparing for my involvement with the VIEW Conference 2020, in Turin.