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Tiong Bahru Mouth: A Couple Descending

Tiong Bahru Mouth: Two Friends in a Hardware Shop

Tiong Bahru Mouth: Galicier Counter at CNY

Tiong Bahru Mouth: Tiong Bahru Teochew Kueh glutinous rice packing

Tiong Bahru Mouth

This post documents progress on Tiong Bahru Mouth, which is a collection of short stories and a visual art project, both by Stephen Black. Visual art, in this case, means photographs, videos and 360 videos. There is also a haiku component which is hidden on the internet.




Coffee and Light

Tiong Bahru Mouth Wakes Up

Jian Boh Shui Kueh at Sunrise

Tiong Bahru Teochew Kueh

Tiong Bahru Teochew Kueh glutinous rice packing

Galicier Counter at CNY

Two Friends in a Hardware Shop

A Couple Descending


Tiong Bahru Mouth: Coffee and Light

Tiong Bahru Mouth Wakes Up

Tiong Bahru Mouth: Jian Boh Shui Kueh at Sunrise

Tiong Bahru Poster Project (Crowdfunding)

I am writing this on Saturday morning, 12:12 on November 19. This is a placeholder, with only a little information.This will be updated soon.

I am starting another crowdfunding campaign with Zingohub, as the first was very successful: 174% over target.

This campaign is for a poster that will include photos from the public, photos taken by me for someone and my own photos.

At the moment I have a number of ideas on what the poster will look like. I will reveal them soon.

For now, a poster from a previous project, this one designed by Roy Chan. The design for the Tiong Bahru poster will likely be much simpler.

SPOKEN poster

SPOKEN was co-produced with Eugene Soh and features a wide range of artists and writers, some world famous, some not. www.gallery.sg

grid of minimalist text patterns

Roy Chan's preliminary designs.

Stay tuned to watch how the Tiong Bahru poster develops...

(<a href="http://www.notey.com/blog/114080#blog/dd058b2c8e4a49de38af7c826a333856"></a>)

Tiong Bahru Time by Stephen Black

  1. This will be a book of photographs, facts, history and stories about  the people, food and community of Tiong Bahru and the surrounding area.
  2. Please note that  Tiong Bahru Time is  a working title that may or may not be used. However, the idea of time is definitely the foundation of the book. Examples: breakfast time, lunch time, Hungry Ghost Month, the Monkey God's Birthday, the pre-war flats, the post-war flats, daytime, nighttime, the seasons, 24 hours in Tiong Bahru, childhood, adulthood, The Sixties,etc.
  3.  The photographs and text will be mainly by Stephen Black, whose previous book on Tiong Bahru, i ate tiong bahru, is a national bestseller. Stephen Black holds Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology and his works have been shown in galleries and museums worldwide. He has worked at various roles for companies such as CNN, Cartoon Network, Fuji TV, Fox and France 2. His 360 short film entitled Beach Road was featured at the 2015 Brisbane Film Festival and nominated for Best Experimental Film at the 2016 Las Vegas VR Fest. Elsewhere on this blog are posts about his involvement with music, CG-generated environments and other artists.
  4. At this time the total number of pages will likely be about 200 pages; size not yet determined.