The ARt School Project

The ARt School (an example for discussion and learning)

An art school sets up a web based app. The school is not concerned with showing up in search or reaching anyone besides its students. The school and its students are happy that there are no downloads. The app allows one jpeg of a painting to be shown in AR.

One day, a teacher records a 10 minute video of herself talking about the painting's technical aspects and history. The app is capable of showing this video and the jpeg at the same time. A student creates a sculpture inspired by the painting. A Unity version of the sculpture is created, and the app shows this sculpture, the video and the original jpeg.

Choreographers, working with musicians and students specializing in Unity and 3D motion, create a short AR dance piece full of leaps and spinning. The app can handle the performance of the eight CG models...

The app can do all of these things and information is shared and everyone lives happily ever after.

I am planning an AR startup. The file size issue is a huge challenge. In the story about the school, the line about "no downloads" is probably incorrect.... or is it? We can watch movies on youtube without downloading them...

Is there any way to avoid heavy downloads for AR? I know technology will improve, but for now it seems like what I want to do could easily be 100 megs, likely much, much more. I have been researching how to "eliminate" file size, but have not yet found anything directly related to AR and progressive web apps... Finally, although I am extremely interested in programming and computer languages, I have only superficial knowledge about them.

Yes, I know about ARKit and ARCore, but have no experience with them yet. It would seem that they automatically must utilize the Apple/Google platforms. Plus, I am researching Vuforia, Wikitude and anything else that I discover.

Thank you for your time and comments.


Stephen Black

Here are some excellent posts related to Progresssive Web Apps: by Alex Russel, Google employee

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