The flyer for Wolfgang Bellwinkel’s 2016 exhibition at the Yangon Goethe Institut

I was unable to see the exhibition, but the single piece of paper used to explain and promote Wolfgang Bellwinkel's  photographs was a gem. Understated but knowledgeable, the layout and design have a quiet presence that doesn't   distract from the perfectly chosen photograph. I salute the writer of the text. I can feel the city and the exhibition in these words alone. The writer is intelligent, educated, yet not acrobatic. The writer is sharing meaningful words, ideas and facts. Yes, the "enchanting" line is cliche and one or two sentences are too long and maybe some areas "feel tight" because of what might be translation, but these things are OK. It aint perfect, but its perfect for Yangon. Yangon Backstage A sort of vital melancholy is radiated by the the City of Yangon, drawing visitors under its enchanting spell. What remains of the once thriving colonial metropolis after the bombs of World War II, the ideological imperatives of "Burmese socialism" and now the wrecking balls of the investors is a unique urban structure, jagged scars and gaping voids among the remains of former greatness, filled with improvised life. The present inhabitants, few of whom have anything in common with the former population, have settled into this crumbling ensemble,with memories of ancient splendour and hopes of a better tomorrow. The city seems to float between remains and possibilities, between perseverance and renewal. In which direction the the good intentions of the urban planners and the interests of big money will drive the development, no one can say. Wolfgang Bellwinkel's photos capture this strange state of suspension. His view is austere. He highlights the significant detail that stands for the larger picture of downtown Yangon, creating in a few images an extensive inventory that consistently avoids the all too frequent aestheticsation of decay. Wolfgang Bellwinkel(born 1959) is an internationally recognized photographer whose extensive travels have taken him around the world. After lengthy stays in Asia (Bangkok), he now resides in Berlin. Goethe-villa no 8 Ko Min Ko Chin Road opened January 15 for month of January [email protected] Goethe Institute  
a well design exhibition pamphlet
Flyer for Yangon Backstage, Wolfgang Bellwinkel's 2016 show exhibition at the Goethe Institut in Yangon
Burmese text Yangon Backstage flyer front Yangon backstage English notes

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