The revision of the Agaricus blazeii Murill Notebook (gourmet and medicinal mushroom)

This year, I will restart research for a new edition of the Agaricus Blazei Murrill Notebook. ( I do not know why that person is selling those books at that price. If that is a typo, it is a very strange one.) The ABM Notebook was completed in 2002 but right after publication I discovered that some of the reported studies were not reliable. There was also a taxonomic issue, ie agaricus subfrescens and/or agaricus blazei brasiliensis. Rather than take risks , I decided to not promote the book. Once the contract with the POD publisher expired, the book went into limbo. I am looking forward to finally revising this book, this time emphasizing personal stories rather than medical research. The stories will be from growers and those in the industry. Especially important will be interviews with those enjoying ABM as a gourmet mushroom. Finally, of course, there will be stories from those  who have had positive experiences with ABM in regards to wellness, especially cancer. A few months later... A lot of talk with traditional Chinese medicine doctors, but have yet to connect with anyone involved with ABM. Years ago, however, I was very fortunate to listen to Paul Stamets and briefly spoke with him.  Go to the 9 minute mark of this video if you want to see why I am so interested in mushrooms. Here Mr. Stamets is talking about turkeytail  mushroom extract... The future is fungi. Indeed. He also has a plan to help Fukushima with mushrooms. If you are involved with ABM in any way, do feel free to get in touch.

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