The Sudden VR Festival at Isetan, Wisma Atria


On Monday, September 15 I was given the greenlight to use a small gallery-like space on Level 1 of the Isetan at Wisma Atria. I am naming the space ay4ya.

ay4ya has, at present, two unique exhibitions. Both are raw, works in progress that are being developed. One exhibition is called the exciting new cemetery, which is based on my relationship with Tiong Bahru. Other artists are invited to participate, and Rachel Jordan is now involved.

The other exhibition is The Sudden VR Festival.

The Sudden Festivall has quickly developed in the past few days. Lionel Chok who is the founder of immersively has provided content and a phone. Hiverlab has provided  viewing head gear. Hiverlab and I produced  Beach Road, which is also available for viewing.

Stephen Black: producer/content

Hiverlab: contribution of four viewers/co-produced Beach Road

Lionel Chok content contributor/equipment support

Picture Perfect Productions content for 360 Youtube

SingaporeVR content for 360 Youtube SPOKEN a virtual gallery by Eugene Soh and Stephen Black, featuring artists and writers from around the world are likely reading this because you are in Singapore and involved with VR. If you would like to be a part of The Sudden VR Festival, let me know. There is no theme. No charges or costs.

Goal #1: treat this is as a beta, a prototype that could become a bigger event.

Goal #2: interact with nongamers; people on the street who have not yet experienced VR

If you can be involved in any way, I thank you in advance. What is needed: gear (phones, a laptop or two), publicity and funding for printing/advertising. Still images!At the moment, I only have access to images of my own projects. I need some of your VR images! And if you are also a designer who has some time...

Scheduling... at the moment I can only be there on Saturdays and Sundays, from 3-9.  Or, by appointment.

If anyone would like to gallerysit, please let me know. Also, do keep in mind that the space can be used by anyone, only the gear needs to be considered. Valuable things will not be on display unless someone is there.

Right now it is just a simple display; from this weekend on it will evolve and become more festival like. One hoped for result is that by October 3, contentt and equipment issues are settled and The Sudden VR Festival can leap from beta into being a "normal" festival.

This is not updated, but gives you some idea...

sudden-vr-festival-w-picture-perfect Lionel!    

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