Tiong Bahru Poster Project (Crowdfunding)

I am writing this on Saturday morning, 12:12 on November 19. This is a placeholder, with only a little information.This will be updated soon. I am starting another crowdfunding campaign with Zingohub, as the first was very successful: 174% over target. This campaign is for a poster that will include photos from the public, photos taken by me for someone and my own photos. At the moment I have a number of ideas on what the poster will look like. I will reveal them soon. For now, a poster from a previous project, this one designed by Roy Chan. The design for the Tiong Bahru poster will likely be much simpler.
SPOKEN poster
SPOKEN was co-produced with Eugene Soh and features a wide range of artists and writers, some world famous, some not. www.gallery.sg
grid of minimalist text patterns
Roy Chan's preliminary designs.
Stay tuned to watch how the Tiong Bahru poster develops... (<a href="https://www.notey.com/blog/114080#blog/dd058b2c8e4a49de38af7c826a333856"></a>)

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