Bali market scene

Ubud/Bali/February 24/Stephen Black/Photos/Notes 2

sanur beach cloud Time of Photo: 6:40 PM Location: Sanur Beach, near Mercure Hotel Description: Sanur Beach with the tide out and after a rainstorm. Notes by Stephen Black One of these days I will think of a way to describe, in original, uncliched phrases, what it is like to ride in a Balinese downpour from Ubud to Sanur/Sanur to Ubud. For now: it pours. It rains cats and dogs.A cold windy downpour pushes you into the huge splashes made by other vehicles. Water down your neck and back, your pants are soaked. You shiver. Sometimes you can rush out from under the thunderclouds, and speed away from the harshness of cold sharp rain and into the warmth of a sweet, humid brightness. On this day, however, we were caught in a downpour and the streets were flooded. We went to the printers, the Satvika Bhoga organic place in Sanur and then the beach.Between the printer and the organic food place the rain stopped and when we got to the beach it was nice enough for a ten minute nap. Bali Wave Ghost is the latest book by artist/writer/producer Stephen Black.Beach Road is a free 360Vr Movie available here. SPOKEN, created by Eugene Soh and curated by Stephen Black, features a diverse collection of writers and artists. It is a free download available here.

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