Unlocking With Ears

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an exhibition event by Stephen Black at the Museum of Independent Music Singapore June/July 2015

UNLOCKING WITH EARS an exhibition event by Stephen Black Dates (to be confirmed): Summer 2015 Venue: Museum of Independent Music 1B Aliwal Street, Chenn Leon Building Tel: 8607 3534 https://www.facebook.com/moimsg Admission:4$ Description: Unlocking With Ears, will be an interactive experiment with VR/AR, as well as a workshop for moviemaking, sound production, poetry and writing. There will also be an informal retrospective of the sound and music projects Black has worked on in Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and New York, including the activities of 3how. Stephen Black’s experiences with photography, video, installation, dance, theatre, music and writing all share a common element: spontaneity. Unlocking With Ears continues this approach. The project will change daily. Wall Clouding is the name given to the filmmaking aspect of the event. Note: an example of this approach resulted in the highly acclaimed recording 3how: the Riverwalk Session, which featured vocalist Wilson Goh and musicians: Bani Haykal, Amith Narayan and Curtis King. Unlocking With Ears on Facebook (exhibition) Wall Clouding on Facebook (filmmaking activities) #unlockingwithears   With the support of: ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -------------------   For general information UWE https://www.facebook.com/events/985785784789270/ For movie related information:

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