Why Do I Want to Give Away 1000 I Ate Tiong Bahru ebooks? (362 left!)

Unlike anything else I've read... funny quirks yet balances the political undertone perfectly. The book involves history, humor, culture and most importantly, food (or rather, taste).
-Barrett Books (@Thea_Books)
1. There are many people I want to thank.
2. I  want to share my written thoughts with anyone who wants to read them. The book is about Tiong Bahru, a community in Singapore, but the stories are universal.
send an email to bookmerah@gmail.com
The title of the email should be: I ATE TIONG BAHRU
(You will receive an epub file, unless you ask for a Kindle file. Epubs are the standard for ebooks and you probably can read it easily. If you  have trouble using the file, let us know.)
3. If someone enjoys I Ate Tiong Bahru, they may be interested in Obama Search Words, Furikake, Contact With Shadow, Bus Stopping, The Font Detective, Bali Wave Ghost and Halus: Portrait and Landscape .
4. Although I Ate Tiong Bahru is about 5 dollars on Amazon, free ebooks are the future.  One of my other books, Contact With Shadow will soon be in an unglue campaign.
Contact With Shadow was probably the first Singapore-based project on Kickstarter. Click here to see a video which describes the book.
5. I don't know what will happen.
6. When I began writing books I decided to do no marketing until I'd written eight. By doing this I hope to connect with readers without spending the time and money that marketing requires.
7. Perhaps some people will be interested in  these printed books:
8. The more readers, the more feedback. This will help me finetune the sequel, To Eat Tiong Bahru, which is on track to be released next year.
I Ate Tiong Bahru is a must-read for gourmets, architects, historians and just about anyone who wishes to learn more about this evolving neighborhood.
5 star review on Amazon
Most of the ebooks have been sent out within 12 hours of receiving the email.

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