Google+ in action

Why I use Google+ Facebook is  a 500 pound shrinking party hat; Google+ is a custom-made, constantly updated digital Swiss army knife.
Google+ in action
Screen capture, July 1, 2014
  I'm not really a techie, but I try to learn about tech stuff. Why? Because the internet is what is happening. Do I want to be famous? No. Do I want to be #1 on the top of a search engine result? No. Do I want my artworks and books to be in front of like-minded people who are searching for ideas related to mine? Yes, yes, yes! I was nicely surprised today that when I searched for a Singapore-based crowdfunding organization, Avvio, that my name came up close to theirs. This happened simply  because I think they are interesting and I shared that view on Google+. So that's it. I could go on  about other Google+ advantages, but the above example is simple enough: you either get it or you don't. If you give it some thought, the example above is seemingly positive  and definitely profound. It is also the future, as long as there is Google and people who search. Techies: Yes, I know there are a quite a few factors involved in the placement of search results. There is no guarantee that this sort of thing will happen every time. But we both know that my same post on Facebook went between a post of a cat and a promise of beautiful skin...and my post stayed there. Not only stayed there, but was  seen by an unknown-but-probably-small  fraction of the people I wanted to share that info with.

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