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Why the name “Book Merah”?

In 2006, I was living in a part of Singapore called Clementi.  At the time, I often worked on projects at a location about 20 minute bus ride away, a place called Bukit Merah. Bukit Merah means "red hill".
Bukit Merah: I enjoy the little dance of the phrase's consonants and vowels. At that time I was preparing to jump into the world of ebooks and needed something like a company name. Had to be short. Had to have the word "book" in it. An Asian sensibility would be nice, but it would have to be easy to spell and pronounce.
Boom. Book Merah. It translates as "Red Book", but that is neither here nor there, really. (In Spanish, mira can mean something like Look! or a word that can be interpreted as something like  'aspiration'.)
I will add more about the beginnings of Book Merah soon.

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