Tenten Carrot Cake Special

Yes quarantine has produced an outpouring of little, home movie-meets-hi-tech video sketches. This one is about carrot cake, one of my mom's specialties.

This premiered on Facebook live and there are glitches. For all of you fans of AR, the world's first GeoPose address appears on the last page of the credits.

Photos of the world's best piece of carrot cake are here.

My mom's recipe began with a prizewinning recipe she saw in the newspaper "a few years ago". Since then she has made a few subtle but magical changes. One of these days we will likely do some kind of recipe project..maybe this will be in it.

In the video I mention that in Southeast Asia, "carrot cake" is a very delicious, but very different thing. The 'carrot' in SE Asian carrot cake is actually a white radish (something like what the Japanese call 'daikon'). It is fried with flavorings. Traditionally it is served on banana leaves,

Here is an interview with Mr. Boo, from Kampong Carrot Cake in Tiong Bahru, Singapore. I have eaten his carrot cake many times, and I have interviewed him for the sequel to i ate tiong bahru.

So, yes there are two very different foods that share the name of "carrot cake", and I am very fortunate to know master chefs of both!

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