360 Dance test

360 Videography: What would Matisse do?

360 on canvas...

360 Dance test
360 as a digital still...

Matisse wasn't known as an artist who embraced new technologies. His works, however, can act as  reference points or starting points. The Dance, painted in 1910, could be re-invented as a 360 video. Though the technical challenges are large, the sensitivity and aesthetic sense required to successfully interpret the painting for 360 video are much larger concern.

Music? I would start by researching the music from the late 1800s to 1910.European music, most likely, though Matisse later, in 1947, created his Jazz series of paper cutouts. Once the music was found a choice would need to be made: use the original (or a version of it) or find someone to compose something new. The key point would be the rhythm, man, de rhythm....

The photo is courtesy of Lionel Chok, from a project called Curiosity 360.

“CURIOUSITY” 360 Dance

Possibly the first of its kind to be produced at Middlesex University, “CURIOUSITY” 360 Dance is a fully immersive video and live dance experience combined.

Performed by 2 dancers to just 1 audience member for the duration of the show, this 3-and a-half-minute experiential work-in-progress will be curated to a selected group of audience by invite only from 2 to 4pm on Friday 29 May 2015. Be enthralled by this brand new show, where both the 360 video and its corresponding live dance will literally put you – in the centre of it all!

“CURIOUSITY” 360 Dance by Dominique Rivoal, Lionel Chok, Christina Binney and Ashleigh S. with special thanks to: Anna Barsukova, Dr Magnus Moar and Dr Peter Passmore, Middlesex University


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