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Although I look terrible, this is a beautiful video.... I went to LASALLE College of the Arts one morning. I hoped to meet someone, anyone,  with a phone, someone who could upload a very very brief interview. Simple, quick and spontaneous, like the spirit of 3how. I approached Miss Cindy Wang, introduced myself and asked her if she had a phone that could record an interview. She said she did and she also said she could interview me once her class was finished. Her class ended, we sat down and the interview happened. However, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that she put quite a bit of work into it, adding music from the CD as well as Chinese subtitles. Thank you Cindy Wang! The Riverwalk Session, coproduced my myself and Amith Narayan, is here: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/3how This was a blast: the first 3how session, that happily included the Banyari band, the roving musical gypsies who roam around Asia. Twice, 3how presented a "rock opera". The premiere was at The Goodman Art Centre. Our lead actress, Joy, read her script for the first time about 30 minutes before we began. It was also the first time that the production was performed in its entirety; before that we'd worked on sections, but never had a complete run through... The second time the piece was performed was at The Substation, as part of the Night Festival. A love story about a shipwrecked pigeon in the Singapore of the Eighties, the musical is entitled Big Homer. If you pause the video a few times, you can learn more about the other music projects of Amith Narayan and Bani Haykal.

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