i ate tiong bahru coffee glass

You and I, talking about crowdfunding the i ate tiong bahru glasses

For the next month, I am conducting a crowdfunding campaign on ZingoHub. The goal is to raise money for a small commercial run of glasses that would be sold to stores, as well as to create a limited edition of signed glasses. The campaign is here. YOU: You have samples... and stores that are waiting... Stephen Black: Yes, the samples were necessary to show stores and people exactly what I want to make. Friends and strangers that I met in the Tiong Bahru Market were very supportive. Online postings were also well received. And,at the time of this writing, I have an order for 70 glasses from a company which is also selling the i ate tiong bahru book. YOU: How many copies of the book have you sold? SB: Almost 2000, which qualifies as a national bestseller in Singapore. iatb-book-on-white-paper YOU: Even with that cover that doesn't even have your name on it? SB: Yep....and with zero advertising and almost no mention of the book by the media.It sold because of positive word of mouth... YOU: And now you want to make i ate tiong bahru glasses? SB: Yes! And T-shirts and an audio book and aprons and organic baby wear and cheese graters and dog chew toys and skateboards and hand towels and perfume. All rehyperpostcontextual synthesitic objects that are edgy and challenge the consumer to blur the boundaries and push the limits of the postcolonial, postmodern postadot paradigm... YOU: I don't know if you are joking or not. SB: Well... Freda D and her perfumes are mentioned on my blog... YOU: If I give you money, how do I know you will deliver? SB: I need to make these glasses. One store is waiting for them, and once I know this project is a success, I can approach other stores... These glasses are my art: they are conceptual, functional and beautiful in a simple way. I want to share them with people. The book was written to be an artwork and a labor of love...the glasses extend the project in an unexpected but natural direction. Plus, there are very few things that can go wrong. I know where to get the glasses, know where to get them sandblasted. The campaign sets a minimum target of $650, but if I exceed that I can do a larger run or do better packaging or even do advertising... YOU: Do you have any terrible videos about this project? SB: One terrible video about the i ate tiong bahru glassware project coming up!   YOU: Well, that was terrible. You should sleep more! And who recorded that audio? SB: Yes, I will sleep more. And, there is a better video here, on the ZingoHub iatb glassware page. YOU: OK..thanks for that link... I will check it now. ME: Thank you very very much for considering to support the i ate tiong bahru glassware/limited edition postmodern readymade functional sculpture campaign! If you have any more questions, just ask in the comment section below! Any ideas on how I can create great rewards are also appreciated! ONWARD!   Stephen Black              

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