Aegis 2 Face Shield (Alsolis)/3D Printing


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All three designs are on the files available at Thingiverse. Link below.

Aenaes Solis has modified the Aegis Face Shield for a slot design and improved comfort/extended wear.

Aenaes uses two printers:

  • Flashforge Creator Pro, its 225 x 145 x 150 mm.
  • the Creality CR10v2 is 300*300*400mm
  • To achieve around 45-1 hr minutes print time on very good quality I Calibrations: 0.3 Layer Height, 0.8 Extrusion Width / Line Width (very important! 50% savings in print time), on a 0.4 Nozzle.
  • The extrusion multiplier for the top/bottom layers should be tweaked to around 130 percent, which assures good seal of the hood.
  • A 1KG roll of filament should produce around 34 Face Shields.
  • It uses a a bit more filament than the original design. (The Aegis 1 is better optimized for fast printing.)
  • It has a non-commercial license, so please use this only for donations and humanitarian works.
  • It has 3 mounting systems, which can be adopted for other designs.If you do this, please leave a comment below or contact Aenaes directly.

You might also want to check the Mask/Shield Hook also: AenaAenea

  • NOW TESTING (April 16 10:06PM)
  • scaled down version 1 (96%) to fit my 200x200 bed

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