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Angelic Visions Notes

-just finished attended the first part of a workshop by award-winning director of photography Matt Seigel. Fantastic. It seems Mr. Seigel will soon have a book out as well. Tomorrow I  shoot my first 4K scenes!

-two weeks ago I attended the launch of the Interplay exhibition. Great opening, especially the wedding ceremony of Art and Science. Was very fortunate to spend time with many of the artists, including those from Ars Electronica. I will devote another post to the unplanned-but-perfect discussions we had the following night at the Blu Jaz Cafe.

-as for the title of the book, for now I am going with Angelic Visions: drones, VR, environments and cinematography's second life. The "Angelic" part refers not so much to a spiritual aspect, but to the idea that angels can fly, see, hover and communicate-just like drones. But, just like angels, not all flying cameras communicate with the mindset of a heavenly choir. Some angels/drones sound like this.

Some links that I need to think about:

Michael Naimark's paper: Field Cinematography for Virtual Reality Applications

A post on the Cinematography Database website: DEFINING 360 VR CINEMATOGRAPHY WITH RYAN WHITEHEAD

Road to VR : Condition One Blows the Door Open for Virtual Reality Cinematography With Zero Point  This link isn't working, so I need to retrieve  and post the reportage I did about  the Tsui Hark film, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, starring Jet Li.

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