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Antigone Cloud and Yves Arc: Dialogue Sample

Thanks for joining this adventure! Antigone Cloud is the name of the novel I'm now working on. Please keep in mind that the following is minimal; in the book, there are visual cues and other literary devices to provide more information. In short this is my experiment with pure "sci-fi" dialogue Antigone meets Yves Yves Arc: Hello... archild. (He emphasizes ‘child”, drawing it out while stretching his mouth into a terrible smile.) Antigone Cloud: I’m...I’m... Yves Arc: You're the blip that appeared on TPS last night, correct? 6:17PM. Your Source is on the 5th floor, room 521. In the Life Shelter, on a shelf above a bicycle. Antigone Cloud: Your voice is like Sir Caboose! Are your Pparents from Cambridge? Do you have a bedder? Yves Arc: Someone has the international pop culture app, now don’t they? Your Pparents would seem to have excellent taste. Yes, my voice was inspired by Sir Caboose. And your voice? American? (Yves coughs). Antigone Cloud: Yes. Sailor Jayne. Yves Arc: ... oh. A pop star... (Yves coughs again.) Well, we can’t all have the voices of Liz and Dick, now can we? Antigone Cloud: I am sorry; can you repeat that? Yves Arc: Repeat it? Why? IMy enuciation and pronunciation were perfect. 57 decibels. Even a basic model such as yourself should be able to cancel out the ambient noise. It seems obvious that you lack culture-related software. Richard Burton. Elizabeth Taylor. Dick and Liz! Superstars of stage and cinema. The most fabulous couple of the modern age. Nec plus ultra! (Yves looks at her, sees his reflection in her glasses. Sighs.) I suppose I should simply state everything in Star Quest mode. Or do you only converse in cartoon mode? Antigone Cloud: Star Quest mode, please. (in a quiet voice). Thank you. Yves Arc: What age you are supposed to be? Antigone Cloud: Ten. Yves Arc: Ten? Why, when I was a ten-year old, I was in charge of a factory. 'Responsible for 34 air conditioners, the human activity covered by 18 surveillance cams, 9 quality control systems, 6 robots and an assembly line 28.9 meters long that constantly needed parts from a mythical place in China! Plus, overseas clients. Six languages! Antigone Cloud: I don’t believe you! You're just a boy! Yves Arc:: First of all, in three days I will be upgraded to arman. Second, I have been carefully curated by... Antigone Cloud: Curated!? You mean you’re made with a bunch of mixed up old software junk with a bunch of new programs that are buggy. Buggy buggy buggy! (Antigone sings the last two lines of a commercial.) We are curates, tried and true, Helpful curates and we love you! Yves Arc: Please stop. It's tacky. (Antigone’s expression shows that she doesn’t understand.) That commercial... it takes advantage of lonely people who don’t have much money. It doesn’t care for those people. And it doesn’t care for arbots. (Yves watches the palm trees react to the wind). Antigone Cloud: But it has achieved economic success. Yves Arc: Yes, Commander, affirmative. A lot of us have been sold. Antigone Cloud: 37% of all curates are removed from TPS within the first month. Yves Arc: That statistic would seem to be true. (He looks worried.) I must reSource now. The increasing humidity is making me weak. Antigone Cloud: Me too. (She looks at Yves with apprehension) Your TPS is a fifth floor flat above Books Hontoni? In the Life Shelter, on a rattan chair with a broken seat? Yves Arc: Affirmative, Commander, affirmative. (Yves sighs and walks away.) Why can’t my Pparents ever respect privacy mode? ......................................... Thanks for reading this far. Looking forward to your comments.

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