AR/Spatial Cinema (proto) 2

Another collection of AR apps and ideas on the path towards spatial cinema. The first is here. Spatial cinema is storytelling using AR and 3D models. Although Hollywood may be working on ideas like this, at the consumer level, things are not yet there. My interest in spatial cinema is a natural extension of my work as a gamemaker, filmmaker, artist and author.

The shadows on those rabbits. Their ability to go behind objects. Voice commands. Words and clover. All very impressive on the technical level. So close and yet so far away from being a simple story. This is a great demo. But as for storytelling... the rabbit doesn't even have a name.

In this video there are dozens of stories being referenced. Worth studying, as the filter/app could be used in the future for masks or make up. (The monkey mouth and lips are AR filters.) Filter by Flamingo Filter.

My own project, with the music of the Reverend D.W. Williams, the art of Daniel Bainbridge and my mom on lights. Created with the Face Replaced app.
Jessica Herrington as an eclair.

Jessica is an AR artist, specializing in desserts.

Screen capture from Jessica's video. Masterchef television program, eclair stylee.

Summary: The rabbits of 6D/Patched Reality show that 3D models can respond to voice commands, can have shadows and hide behind things (occlusion). Flamingo Filter and Jessica Harrington have proven that 3D models can be attached to moving faces. FaceReplaced is a consumer app that allows anyone to map faces onto still images. Proto spatial cinema is moving towards spatial cinema.

Bubiko can't wait!


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