AR/Spatial Cinema (proto)

Featured image: Bubiko Foodtour on the red carpet at Cannes. An AR filter by Vincent Trastour/ Flamingo Filters.This 3D version of Bubiko created with Novaby.

(I will be presenting at VIEW 2020, the topics being Spatial Cinema, GeoPose and Bubiko Foodtour.)

July 26, 2020. This post is a (partial) documentation of the beginning of spatial cinema. Spatial cinema: AR-based storytelling, meaning ultimately, a medium based on GeoPose, 3D models, audio and viewing/recording devices.

Another cutting edge piece by Eugene Soh, The Dude. Why is this an example of proto spatial cinema? Because it has at least two scenes in one AR experience.These two scenes are connected by a camera movement. It has music, audio and storyline, albeit a very simple one. As app makers, filter makers and tech people continue to use the possibilities of storytelling, theatre, dance, performance and cinematography, spatial cinema will come into its own.
(after the first image are two protospatial cinema projects.) Bubiko was co-created by myself and Sayuri Okayama to gain experience with the possibilities of AR and storytelling. These two little AR scenes are noteworthy: there is a journey, there is a moving character with voice, there is a real world location. These were made with one app, entirely on location.

The following piece, created with an Instagram AR app, is also indicative of the future. As ideas and processing power continue to increase, it is easy to imagine this app evolving into new art form combining live action, 3D models and audio.

Stephen Black, July 25, 2020. AR artwork created with Mangaka (Instagram filter)by Mitsuko Kubota.

Disney have always had the vision, the content and the resources to create cutting edge entertainment. They have done it again with AR. This is 75% game, 25% spatial cinema.

This is the first of a series on spatial cinema. These notes, and more, are being added to the revised edition of Bubiko Foodtour's Unusual Guide to Augmented Reality.

Questions and comments are always welcome. The next post about spatial cinema is here.

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