Bubiko Foodtour prototype


50 HOURS, 50 DEMOS...

A grassroots tour of Ipoh, showcasing the world's first AR photographic exhibition: works by Bubiko Foodtour.

Schedule stops include the Abby Hotel, Symphony Suites Boutique Hotel, VLoftHostel, Toong Hai Coffeeshop, Hong Kee Confectionery and a number of restaurants, cafes and shops of all kinds.

Bubiko's ebook about Ipoh is here. Notes related to a press conference about the AR project are here.

trail of fog over Ipoh
From Stephen Black's 72 hour Facebook Live broadcast from the Abby Hotel
Bubiko Foodtour, a work in progress
Bubiko Foodtour, behind the scenes,undergoing Photoshop

1 thought on “AR: the IPOH WHITE COFFEE TOUR”

  1. Hi,My name is Simon today I’m just received your flyers today.
    May i know more details about the AR demonstration?
    Thank you

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