Bubiko: First Flight


Photos, links and info about the historic Bubiko First Flight Augmented Reality event at VIEW, the international graphics conference held in Turin, Italy.

Bubiko: First Flight is historic because:

Bubiko: First Flight is historic, as it signifies the birth of both location-based AR and spatial cinema.  

Historic because:

  • GeoPose is used with moving 3D models for the first time. GeoPose is the newly established open standard for AR proposed by the OARC. (more info on OARC below).
  • For the first time in AR, moving 3D models can be seen at the same time by unlimited viewers, on any mobile device.
  • Bubiko: First Flight is a permanent AR experience.
  • Spatial cinema is now real, not just theoretical.

You can create your own Bubiko + VIEW balloon image using these links.

Snap: https://www.snapchat.com/unlock/?type=SNAPCODE&uuid=c244c34d3e984edd9eed2a02c23f4548&metadata=01

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/ar/338276367290989

Bubiko: First Flight is a collaboration between Augmented City(AR spatial software), Novaby(3D models) and Stephen Black (Bubiko Foodtour, producer and creative direction).

Bubiko: First Flight is historic because it is the first time that 3D moving models are being used with GeoPose.

This blog post will help you understand GeoPose.

Bubiko at Cannes AR app by Vincent Trastour, Flamingo Filters.

More current images of Bubiko:First Flight will be added as they arrive.

Questions, leave a comment. Thanks, and see you at VIEW!

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