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Bali Wave Ghost Bike Karma Crowdfunding

SHORT VERSION: Because of some very good comments and feedback, I am thinking of crowdfunding Bali Wave Ghost, my novel. The proceeds would go to replace a bike that was stolen while in my possession. I, not now in a position to replace it. Crowdfunding can save the day! LONG VERSION: OK, I messed up.No excuse; I was simply not thinking... Because of that that there was unease, friction and the possibility of a lot of negativity. Despite being in a situation which was negative on many levels, I remained positive. Quiet, but positive. In my darkness, a light appeared, first on the computer screen, then in a coffee shop. A wave of calm hope appeared and a sense of determination manifested itself.. In other words, I spaced out and left the keys in a motorbike the day of the Ubud market fire. The bike is gone.I am worse than broke because I only have been working on my book called Bali Wave Ghost. A bridge of hope and understanding was built by a guy who drank a Bintang! Like I told him,I just launched the ebook version and was preparing to now find work as a photographer, videomaker or writer. I'm finally ready to at least partially reverse my financial situation. But the bike needs to be replaced asap. Back to Bali Wave Ghost: Today, on Facebook,I posted the news about the free ebook giveaway and the response has been unbelievably good. I set a record number of views and Amazon says about 100 people have downloaded my books... SO everything is on track. EXCEPT... the books are free and the bike needs to be replaced. BOTTOM LINE: because of the positive response on Facebook, I am thinking of crowdfunding. Bike gets replaced, people get a great book at a discount. The situation would set up so that the cost of a new bike is covered. If the crowdfunding goal is exceeded, the full amount of that excess goes to charity.Thoughts? Please leave your name in the comments section if you would like to get a copy of Bali Wave Ghost by crowdfunding. If I feel that there is enough support, I will try my hardest to make the project a success.

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  1. I want to read your bike and help you out.. I also lived and ate in Tiong Bahru and am also interested in reading this. Everyone fucks up at times….

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