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Bali Wave Ghost SlideShare Notes

Bali Wave Ghost reality check... -First draft of 100 pages(30,000 words) completed.Expected total word count is 80,000 and heaven and earth are being moved to complete BWG by January 2015. -The SlideShare includes a request for financial assistance. To be a sponsor or a patron, simply send me an email: blacksteps () at () gmail DOt com. It is also possible to have your name/personality appear in the book. YOU CAN BE A CHARACTER IN BALI WAVE GHOST! Certainly a unique Christmas present or birthday gift... - The SlideShare was created with haikudeck and I enjoyed working with it. However, there are two small things I would like to change, as well as add one more slide. Though I looked and looked, couldn't see how to do this. As I write this, on December 2, I am still pondering how to get Bali Wave Ghost out into the world. Self-publish or traditional publishing? Both have plenty of good points and challenges. I am researching agents.To prepare a presentation for an agent is a very good thing, as it forces me to focus on things besides the story itself. For example:genre. BWG is a love story, but it is also a dark comedy. It is full of history yet very contemporary. It touches upon spiritual themes, surfing, Indonesian food, environmentalism, holistic healing, drug abuse and Kerokoban prison...never a dull moment! Related to the financial issues surrounding BWG. I did consider crowdfunding. I am all for crowdfunding, but I fully realize that for it to work a great investment in time must be made. At the moment, I am obsessed with refining the writing of BWG, aiming to complete it within the next 60 days. A crowdfunding project would make that goal difficult to reach, if not impossible.

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