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How to make the AR marker for IPOH: 38 iPhone Photographs by Bubiko Foodtour

IPOH: 38 iPhone Photographs by Bubiko Foodtour, is an AR app that needs a marker to start the exhibition. Here is how to make one:

1. Get a white piece of paper the size of a postcard.

2. Use a crayon or marker to write IPOH in the middle. USE CAPITAL LETTERS.

3. Put the paper anywhere where there is good light.

4. Point your phone or tablet at IPOH.

5. Relax and enjoy the 30 minute ambient exhibition. Each image lasts about one minute.

6. You could also create IPOH with your computer, using A4 paper and the Arial font, bold at 60 points. Other fonts and sizes may also work, but you'll have to test.

Send us your photos of the IPOH exhibition on your phone and we will be happy to share them!

unusual AR marker
The Bubiko Foodtour AR photo exhibition! Meow! Meow!

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