Bias tape tips

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Fastest way to sew bias tape ties without tools or ironing

There are detailed instructions below the video on Youtube. What follows is an edited version of some of the comments.

This is for making ties on face masks. The finished tie is about 1/2in wide. Straight grain strips.

The tape is sewn shut in this video because it is for making ties, BUT you can apply the same technique to ironing to create open binding tape.


Use regular paper. Fold the paper in 1/2, unfold, bring both sides to near the center, then fold back in 1/2. Don't want make your folds too tight. When sewing, hold the paper gently and not the fabric.

Fold the paper in half, crease it and unfold. Fold the two edges in 1/4". That should fold over the fabric without folding the fabric. Then fold in that fold 1/4". There's your seam allowance. Now fold the paper in half again and you're set!

A post it note is 3 x 3. This/several post-its can be placed on a sheet of printer paper and placed on the scanner of a printer, to print an entire page of templates to cut out and use.


A hem presser foot is designed to make a tiny rolled hem. For this application it creates a perfect straight line.

You could also use the blind hem foot that has a "divider" in the middle. The divider will follow the edge. Just adjust the position of the needle to how far from the edge you want to sew.

You can use a regular foot.


Leave a little room on each fold so the fabric can slide freely through the folds. Do a tuck test, if the fabric does not glide freely, refold a bit more loosely. When sewing, use just enough force in your left hand to keep the paper in place but do not use a downward pressure.

The secret is the 1/4" folds on the edges and the 2nd fold before you put it in the sewing machine.


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