Stephen Black at Booktique PRESS CONFERENCE (writer video info @ bottom of post)



CONTACT: Anthony Waugh Koh [email protected]



Artist/writer Stephen Black, a Singapore-based American launches a campaign to create a free ebook with the internationally recognized Unglue it organization. The book, entitled Contact With Shadow, is a contemporary love story filled with references to Singapore’s history.

Additionally, Stephen Black, with Eugene Soh, is now working on Spoken, a dynamic mashup of virtual reality, curated artworks and short stories. Although the project originates in Singapore, the launch will take place in Brooklyn later this summer.


Who: Stephen Black

What: Press Conference and/or opportunity to schedule an interview before June

Where: Boutique, Dhoby Ghaut, Cathay Building, next to Starbucks

When: Monday June 2, 1-10 PM OR by appointment until June 8

Note: ebook copies of Contact With Shadow for press review available upon request


About Stephen Black

A multidisciplinarian who has lived in Paris, Tokyo, Bali, Hong Kong, NYC and Singapore, Stephen Black’s creative journey has been diverse. Besides authoring articles, art criticism and novels, he has an extensive record  as an artist working with photography and video. In 2007 he created Book Merah to facilitate the production and distribution of books, ebooks, music and art. Titles include Fires by Cyril Wong,as well as Furikake, Obama Search Words, Bali Wave Ghost and I Ate Tiong Bahru.


About the Press Conference on Monday/other interview opportunities

From 1-10 PM on June 2 at Booktique, Stephen Black will be informally meeting fellow writers and members of the  press.To request a fixed time, contact Anthony at [email protected]

To request an interview any time before June 8, email preferred day/time to [email protected]


About Contact With Shadow

“It's a double pleasure to read this wonderful scrapbook of historical facts and metafictions. First, there's the joy of gleaning nuggets of knowledge about Singapore and the printed word hitherto unknown; and second, there's the childlike wonder of never knowing what Stephen Black has in store for us on the next page.”

Ng Yi-Sheng, Singapore Literature Prizewinner


A Cambridge research student comes to Singapore to research the history of printing. His wife, however, dies unexpectedly and his attempts at writing become a mix of focused research and an impassioned sense of loss. A bureaucratic “assistant” and an alcoholic movie producer are further challenges to his sanity.

About Unglue

Unglue is dedicated to working with authors, libraries and a committed group of supporters to create free ebooks. Combining crowdfunding with a revolutionary approach to ebooks, Unglue has been featured on the TechCrunch and Wired websites, in addition to many others specializing in ebooks and technology.

These images and others are available on request: Contact With Shadow IATB_05_100513_cover (1) Steve and Eugene In gallerysg square crop SB Portrait by Lek

........................END PRESS RELEASE...................................

Writers and lovers of good books have a new resource center in Singapore. Booktique opens tonight!

I will be in Booktique on Monday, June 2. There I will informally launch the Contact With Shadow ungluing campaign. I also hope to informally chat with anyone who wants to discuss writing, art and ebooks.

SB at Booktique 2SB at Booktique 1 There may be a surprise or two. Also, I will be happy to explain SPOKEN, an upcoming project combing short stories, virtual reality and an exciting groupof artists. I am excited to be working with Eugene Soh, That Dude From Singapore. Eugene is the artist/visionary who created Singapore's first 3D virtual gallery.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>the following is only for the MONDAY WRITERS PROJECT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


OK..we are doing informal short interviews... The idea is that you answer one question at a time, with time in between questions to review your notes. Simple, right?

Here are some questions...we will likely add a few more, so please check this space on Sunday night or better, Monday before you come down. Please send a bio and a jpeg with your name to [email protected] ALSO... send links to anything you have online.

1. Please introduce yourself and say the names of the books you have written.

2. What is the book about? (To be repeated for each book.)

3. Please read a few paragraphs from your book. (Yes, you need to bring a copy of your book(s).

4. The advantages of being a writer in Singapore.

5. The challenges of being a writer in Singapore.

6. Your thoughts on paper books versus ebooks.

7. Where are your books available? Website? Blog?

8. Next book/writing project?

9. Please think of a question you want us to ask you.

Please thank Lorraine Koh, the author of POP ROCK LOVE for volunteering to make this happen.

AND... Doug Schwarz is an author  who is helping other authors.

Take a look at these questions.

If you are interested in, get in touch with Doug.


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