Bleeding edge AR (ha ha OUCH)

OK... the title. AR changes so quickly that a list of any sort of "avante-garde" will be outdated in an embarrassingly short time. When I made this "State of the ARt 2018 " list for my presentations at HK PolyU, I had to make additions to it a day or two after it went up...and then I just moved on.

However, in the past few months, and especially in the past few days, I have seen some very cool ideas, and simply want to share them. I saw these at the ARIA conference at MIT, the Virtual Hackathon at MIT, at SXSW, and as a result of my own research. I recently spent time in Shenzhen, and saw some cool things, but they weren't AR. I did write this.

Except for Bose and Leo, I haven't experienced any of the following...

6dai (I've known about them for a while, but they seem to release interesting updates very often)

<sneak preview 1> We love creativity at @6d_ai - here’s what our amazingly creative engineers can do at a music festival. Find people & segment them *in real-time on a phone* (and color them red!). Sets us up for believable occlusions & mixed reality in real world scenes— Matt Miesnieks (@mattmiesnieks) April 15, 2019


Admix AR are giving away many valuable resources, like a list of places that might consider writing about your product or company. Also, check them out on Facebook.

Arilyn Weekly Update. Good for seeing AR being used in advertising +

Babble Rabbit (thank you, Eduardo Siman)

I’ve been testing the new #AR app @BabbleRabbit from @patchedreality which uses @6d_ai tech, by ramping up the occlusion difficulty level of the environment. The rabbit did not disappoint in my living room - a challenging environment for humans and rabbits. Occlusion is sweet!!— Eduardo Siman (@Namenode5) April 11, 2019

Bose AR Two experiences at SXSW: Elvis was better than the ocean.This video is from 2018, but is still a great intro to what Bose is doing.

Bubiko Foodtour (Yes, this me!) Including projects with Novaby 3D Modeling and UARexplorer)

Charlie Fink's new book, Convergence. Interview on The Ghost Howls

The Childish Gambino Playmoji

Illinois Highway Safety Practices

Leo AR App

Packed house at @unity3d for the book launch of @creatingarvr #creatingARVR from @OReillyMedia by @erinjerri @slukas @timoni @silkamiesnieks @mattmiesnieks @JC_3D @auradeluxe and many more including yours truly. #ar #vr Get your copy now— tipatat (@tipatat) April 17, 2019



If you are interested in my AR experiences and much more, click here.

I would love to jump into other AR projects, as a producer, writer, visual artist or sound/music producer.

Oh yeah... no one has paid me for any of the listings. I am doing something with Novaby, but the Black Hawk AR project is something special; I would mention it regardless of my involvement with Novaby.

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