Bubiko at Cannes!

I am very happy to say that, with the help of Novaby 3D and Flamingo Filters, Bubiko Foodtour continues to push the boundaries of AR, filters and 3D. Bubiko was at Cannes! ("Virtually" anyway.)

Bubiko on the red carpet at Cannes.

The "Cannes Official" AR filter made by Flamingo Filters, featuring a version of Bubiko created with Novaby 3D; can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/fbcameraeffects/tryit/250985905985353/

Besides being a fun project, this experimental filter:

  • allowed us to gain cutting edge technical experience
  • allows future clients to visualize their own projects with cost efficiency-- and trust.
  • resulted in a "punching above our weight effect". Although Novaby, Flamingo Filters and myself are capable of producing the components of this project independently, our collaboration allowed a fantastic showcase to be produced without a major allocation of individual resources.
  • expands the boundaries of filters, as most are masklike.
  • Is a move towards AR cinematography, my personal and professional goal. The tracking and sound effects are presently uncommon in AR filters.

I am also honored to say that this project, and others, will be part of my presentation at VIEW 2020, in Torino Italy.

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