Bubiko Foodtour Scrapbook

Bubiko Foodtour is introducing the world to Augmented Reality, starting with Southeast Asia.This is in anticipation of 2018, when hundreds of millions of mobile phones and tablets will be able to create AR experiences. However, the 3D model of Bubiko Foodtour is not yet available in 3D. There are several reasons for this, the primary one being that we are testing/refining what motions Bubiko will be performing in AR. These have to be carefully considered. Here are some of the Bubiko related ideas we have been thinking of, learning from, and experimenting with.
a doll from Thailand
This doll, a gift from a Thai friend, has been our "stunt double"for Bubiko.
colored pinwheel and paper doll
Paper tests like these are very helpful in trying to visualize the final Bubiko Foodtour AR experience
previsualizing AR experiences
Bubiko Foodtour (trial version) in front of sign featuring two drinks. Imagining the possibilities of AR.
doll with colorful drink
How will Bubiko interact with her environment? Can she speak?

I have been working with 3D models and computer game software since 2002, although much more on the creative side than the technical side. Having said that, to fully realize a creation in AR/computer -generated 3D, one must be fully aware of the the theory, possibilities and limitations of the softwares.

digital sculpture
Running Mamuang A collaborative design of the famous cartoon character 'Mamuang' between Thai cartoonist Wisut Ponnimit and digital sculptor Sebastian Schoellhammer. https://www.rinkak.com/jp/item/mokumake/5739477064482816?hl=jp
3D printing! In researching this, I was thrilled to discover the work of Wisut Ponnimit, especially Mamuang, his well-known character. The use of mascots by the prefectures in Japan has also been inspirational.
screen shots of Japanese prefecture mascots
Photoshop screenshot
Testing various elements to get the perfect look for Bubiko Foodtour.
This first stage of research is very open and more about capturing character. The next stage involves wireframes and 3D modeling and is more technical.
Bubiko Foodtour, a work in progress
Bubiko Foodtour, behind the scenes,undergoing Photoshop
Aroi mak mak!

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