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Haptics: Giving VR the Finger (1 of a series )

Rethink the body for a moment. The skin; the largest organ. The wondrous organs and processes within this sack of flesh, especially the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems. With everything working together, we can do things like jump, speak and button our clothes. Zooming in on the act of buttoning a shirt, we see a …

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To find out what nownownow is about, visit!   I am now working on an AR app featuring Bubiko Foodtour, promoting Bubiko’s book on AR, promoting Newspaper Drumsticks.  I am finishing Detroit and Cherry. Soon to start preparing for my involvement with the VIEW Conference 2020, in Turin.

The Baby Steps of Bubiko Foodtour

UPDATE: and: A lot has been happening since this was posted. For example, Bubiko went to the Penang Food Festival in KL. Bubiko’s Instagram is here. Twitter. This past weekend SD(Suitcase Delicious) and I began serious work on the Bubiko Foodtour blog. For now we are using an iPhone and a toy doll, …

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2020 Stephen Black presentations

Latest news! In October, in Turin, Italy, SB will be at: VIEW (last year’s event featured Brad Bird (The Incredibles, The Iron Giant), as well as talents responsible for animation for Game of Thrones, Toy Story, Star Wars and Spiderman: the Spider-verse, and more.) Stephen Black will be giving the following presentations on Augmented Reality …

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