Bubiko: First Flight Photos, links and info about the historic Bubiko First Flight Augmented Reality event at VIEW, the international graphics conference held in Turin, Italy. Bubiko: First Flight is historic because: Bubiko: First Flight is historic, as it signifies the birth of both location-based AR and spatial cinema.   Historic because: GeoPose is …

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360 films

Screenwriting for Spatial Cinema

Notes: Spatial cinema: storytelling for GeoPose-based AR productions, as well as VR and 360 Video. The flatness of the silver screen is being replaced by realistic, immersive environments. We can now move inside of stories and look around. First person views, multi-viewer possibilities and unreal cinematography. Ambisonic sound. Augmented reality allows actors of all kinds …

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GeoPose at VIEW (GeoPose in Action!)

Hello everyone! My presentation will have a Powerpoint, but what I would really like to do is: show GeoPose in action. Is this possible? Even if it is not, your thoughts on the following would be very appreciated, and will make my presentation as accurate as possible. GeoPose in Action Project Location: Turin, but that …

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GeoPose: a low tech symbol?

The challenge: how can we simply show the benefits of GeoPose? For AR to benefit all, and to safely evolve into a platform as powerful as radio, television and the internet, we need to simply illustrate the situation. If organizations like Microsoft, Amazon, ATT, government agencies, NTT, Apple, traffic and safety supervisors (including AV) etc. …

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