GeoPose: a low tech symbol?

The challenge: how can we simply show the benefits of GeoPose? For AR to benefit all, and to safely evolve into a platform as powerful as radio, television and the internet, we need to simply illustrate the situation. If organizations like Microsoft, Amazon, ATT, government agencies, NTT, Apple, traffic and safety supervisors (including AV) etc. …

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One minute lesson about Augmented Reality

“Augment” means to “add to”, or “improve”. AR technology adds digital information to reality. This digital information can be seen by using a phone, tablet or AR headgear. The Hololens headset, by Microsoft, is used in industrial, medical, educational and military uses. Here is an example of AR, from an American football game: That image …

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Cap’n Blog (FaceReplaced beta test)

Thanks to Catchar, I discovered the FaceReplaced app. I installed and in less than 5 minutes had a very interesting little video. The following gives you an idea of what FaceReplaced can do but, yes…I hope you are viewing this on a mobile phone, as it seems to be upside down. This is a normal …

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