360 films

Screenwriting for Spatial Cinema

Notes: Spatial cinema: storytelling for GeoPose-based AR productions, as well as VR and 360 Video. The flatness of the silver screen is being replaced by realistic, immersive environments. We can now move inside of stories and look around. First person views, multi-viewer possibilities and unreal cinematography. Ambisonic sound. Augmented reality allows actors of all kinds …

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Detroit and Cherry 2: Harsho!

Harsho Mohan Chattoraj is a giant among illustrators in India. I am honored that he has agreed to do the cover, and possibly more, for Detroit and Cherry, the book project I am now finalizing. For now, a couple of samples of Harsho’s work, and an excerpt from his resume. Examples of Harsho’s techniques and …

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Books by Book Merah

Book Merah has primarily published the works of Stephen Black, the exception being Singapore Literature prize winner Cyril Wong.Book Merah is now open to discussions with writers. Latest addition: Newspaper Drumsticks by Tyler Dempsey! (Incredible project; even the reviews are inspiring.) Stephen Black’s books and stories are often set in Asia, and combine research with …

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Ar entrepreneur Stephen Black interview

Stephen Black: projects 2002-2019

Stephen Black Author Page on Amazon Bubiko’s debut! Stephen Black and Novaby at Tech in the Tenderloin Recent news: AR presentation at the Great Ohio Bike Adventure! Stephen Black is a music/TV/VR producer, writer, visual artist and entrepreneur who is currently focused on AR, specifically a character called Bubiko Foodtour. Bubiko, a co-production with Sayuri …

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DIY promotion

My terrible book promotional flyer made me happy

As you may know, I have not yet done any serious marketing–though I do have a bestseller. I believe that books sell because of word of mouth, not advertising. Of course, at some point I will do serious advertising, but that day has not yet come. For now, I am most interested in connecting with …

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Alphabet Spikes P-S (notes from July 2018, Hong Kong)

Alphabet Spikes is a collection of stories, essays and experiments created from February 2017 until now–and in the future! The core of the book is here, on Amazon, but this ebook project is actually something like crowdfunding. Once you buy the book, send me your email and you will get an updated ebook with new …

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Publishing as a Discourse Marker

From Wikipedia: In Practical English Usage, Michael Swan defines a discourse marker as “a word or expression which shows the connection between what is being said and the wider context”. For him, a discourse marker is something that either connects a sentence to what comes before or after, or indicates a speaker’s attitude to what …

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Self-published. No marketing. What happens?

Today, for the first time in about two years, I looked at the sales reports for my eight books. Fully expected to see no sales. Zero. No sales would be an expected consequence of doing no marketing and being self-published. Over ten years ago, I made it clear that I would do no marketing until …

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