Angelic Visions: drones

360 Dance test

360 Videography: What would Matisse do?

Matisse wasn’t known as an artist who embraced new technologies. His works, however, can act as  reference points or starting points. The Dance, painted in 1910, could be re-invented as a 360 video. Though the technical challenges are large, the sensitivity and aesthetic sense required to successfully interpret the painting for 360 video are much …

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angels or drones; you be the judge

Angelic Visions Notes

-just finished attended the first part of a workshop by award-winning director of photography Matt Seigel. Fantastic. It seems Mr. Seigel will soon have a book out as well. Tomorrow I  shoot my first 4K scenes! -two weeks ago I attended the launch of the Interplay exhibition. Great opening, especially the wedding ceremony of Art and …

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