I Ate Tiong Bahru

The Man From Silat Road/Tiong Bahru Mouth (1/4)

The following is a meditation about Ronnie and the Burns, the first rock band in Singapore. This will be rewritten a bit and appear in the updated version of i ate tiong bahru. Tiong Bahru Mouth is the title to the sequel to iatb. SINGAPORE, 1943 : SEE HENG CHWEE See Heng Chwee had a …

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Tenten Carrot Cake Special

Yes quarantine has produced an outpouring of little, home movie-meets-hi-tech video sketches. This one is about carrot cake, one of my mom’s specialties. Photos of the world’s best piece of carrot cake are here. My mom’s recipe began with a prizewinning recipe she saw in the newspaper “a few years ago”. Since then she has …

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i ate tiong bahru/Gallicier/gula malaka/tenten

Hi. Check the links and videos below if you want to know more about palm sugar, a fantastic natural sugar loaded with vitamins and nutrients. This video is so so. That is me, reading from my book called ‘i ate tiong bahru’. The audio book, voiced by Mirai Booth-Ong is brilliant! Mirai is a Los-Angeles-based …

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Books by Book Merah

Book Merah has primarily published the works of Stephen Black, the exception being Singapore Literature prize winner Cyril Wong.Book Merah is now open to discussions with writers. Latest addition: Newspaper Drumsticks by Tyler Dempsey! (Incredible project; even the reviews are inspiring.) Stephen Black’s books and stories are often set in Asia, and combine research with …

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Chinese city landmarks

Support? VR films about relationships and China’s Silicon Valley

Hello! An update… and a request for support. I know the world is a goofy place and that a film is a luxury, in many ways. But I am now, with a great team, making a short 360VR film. The setting is the city of Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China. The film is about …

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DIY promotion

My terrible book promotional flyer made me happy

As you may know, I have not yet done any serious marketing–though I do have a bestseller. I believe that books sell because of word of mouth, not advertising. Of course, at some point I will do serious advertising, but that day has not yet come. For now, I am most interested in connecting with …

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Stephen Black i ate tiong bahru in Chinese


If you are at SXSW, this is the blog post you would likely be most interested in: https://blacksteps.tv/wall-clouding/ onwARd! Stephen Black …..an interview with SB during SXSW ……SB onstage at MIT (DeAR in the headlights remix)…… ……….MUSIC! 3how!on CDBABY!…….. …………VIDEO ROCKNROLL MEMORIES……….. …………………………….3how…. …a story about 3how….. However… these books are now discounted on Amazon, during …

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