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Book Merah has primarily published the works of Stephen Black, the exception being Singapore Literature prize winner Cyril Wong.Book Merah is now open to discussions with writers. Latest addition: Newspaper Drumsticks by Tyler Dempsey! (Incredible project; even the reviews are inspiring.) Stephen Black’s books and stories are often set in Asia, and combine research with …

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DIY promotion

My terrible book promotional flyer made me happy

As you may know, I have not yet done any serious marketing–though I do have a bestseller. I believe that books sell because of word of mouth, not advertising. Of course, at some point I will do serious advertising, but that day has not yet come. For now, I am most interested in connecting with …

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Stephen Black i ate tiong bahru in Chinese


If you are at SXSW, this is the blog post you would likely be most interested in: https://blacksteps.tv/wall-clouding/ onwARd! Stephen Black …..an interview with SB during SXSW ……SB onstage at MIT (DeAR in the headlights remix)…… ……….MUSIC! 3how!on CDBABY!…….. …………VIDEO ROCKNROLL MEMORIES……….. …………………………….3how…. …a story about 3how….. However… these books are now discounted on Amazon, during …

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Writing and the Digital Avante-garde

The slides are explained here. TEST READERS WANTED: If you would like to be one of the first to read about ANTIGONE CLOUD, email Stephen Black at bubikofoodtour@gmail.com Antigone Cloud is a ten-year old girl who is actually an arbot, a softwre program made of light. Antigone, who lives in Singapore, has the body of …

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Stephen Black: 72 hour Facebook Live Broadcast

THE BROADCAST IS HERE. HELLO Augmented Reality,art, Southeast Asian food, Bubiko Foodtour, VR, music, haikus, photographs, videos, unusualness… and discussions, readings from, and free downloads of, EBOOKS! The broadcast starts at 3PM September 30, Malaysia time, ends on Monday, October 2 at 3PM Malaysia time. Until October 2, these ebooks are free downloads on Amazon: …

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You are probably here because you received a piece of paper from me.   HELLO   I am writing this on Thursday, November 24….  a very full day. Probably on Sunday I can come back and fill this page full of descriptions and links about my projects. For now… SPOKEN at www.gallery.sg this was created …

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ebooks by Stephen Black and Cyril Wong

Parts of this post are  outdated, but the information about the books is current. (mainly :))It was first written to celebrate a crowdfunding success on Zingohub…. The i ate tiong bahru glassware  crowdfunding campaign went 30% over target in the first three days… and  ended at 175%- well over target! i ate tiong bahru  A …

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Exciting New Cemetery @Isetan Wisma Atria

stephen black exciting new cemetery; involvement with tiong bahru mouth, 3how, photography, Obama Search Words,video,Lorong 16,self-publishing, Fires, Singapore art from 1965-2017, Singapore Personal Art Metadata,SPOKEN,Furikake,limited editions,Contact With Shadow, the art of conversation,Flame Magnet, thumb-shaped kways, Big Homer,Beach Road, Bali Wave Ghost and i ate tiong bahru @ isetan wisma atria from September 6-October 3 The …

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