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Avatars enjoying a glass of wine at the th eopening of teh SPOKEN virtual exhibition

Book Merah 2015

Book Merah was established by Stephen Black in 2007. Book Merah publishes ebooks, books and art portfolios. Authors include Stephen Black and Cyril Wong. Project discussions are now underway with Sylvie Chandra Nalini Paluselli, who is working on a book about indigenous spiritual practices in Bali and Bernard Harrison, part of the team that created …

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terrible book covers

Furikake (the most unattractive cover on Amazon)

Nine short stories, all somehow related to the Japanese rice seasonings called furikake. The location for most of these stories is Singapore. A five-star Amazon review appears after the excerpts.   an excerpt from Yumoto near Clementi The couple across the room speak harsh Japanese,constantly repeating the word “Singapore”. I reluctantly translate their grumblings. Another flask …

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