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GRAND STOP (collaboration with Daniel Bainbridge)

Click to view GRAND STOP on GLOSSI.COM If you clicked the link above, you know that no longer exists, unfortunately. The collection of images put together for Glossi really captured one of the most enjoyable at art experiences of my life. Dan had the talent and the space; I just had a lot of …

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Contact With Shadow

The above video was made for a Kickstarter project to get Contact With Shadow funded. It was likely the first Singapore-based crowdfunding project, and it fell far short of its goal. No one in Singapore really understood what crowdfunding was, I had no ‘fans”, unknown writer, it was not easy to send money, etc. etc. …

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Division Street: A Verry Larch Mystery

Richard Lord, a writer and one with extensive experience inside the publishing business, once told me that, in the world of publishing, “Sex sells, but crime pays.” Crime always interested me as a topic, but there was enough on my plate already. And the genre seems well stocked. What could I add? And then I …

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Ebooks: Born to Click (3 of 3)

A few years after I wrote this series of posts,  I was contacted by Vinoth AJ, of Apoyo. He sent me this helpful assessment of book writing tools. (This is not an endorsement of Vinoth -who seems to be a nice guy, nor of any of the software in this nice reference guide.ALTHOUGH,  I am now pleasantly …

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