Espresso, Dub and the Slayer 1.0

This is a collection of notes and technical information about a master coffee maker gaining experience with the Slayer EP Steam, one of the world’s finest espresso machines. This is part documentation of Dub Rogers, part research paper on how to make outstanding espresso. I am not a coffee expert, though I do enjoy researching …

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FOODHACK! HK Poly June 15-17

EELCOIN! (The foodhack was a weekend full of hard work and hope. I was on a team with Beeno, Ann, Sayuri and Kerong. We worked and ate amongst talented people who shared ideas and experiences related to fixing global food challenges.) Welcome HK Foodhackers! My name is Stephen Black and I have worked with food …

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fun with coffee

Cupping Steve’s Wild Coffee (part 2)

part 1 is here.. Boss: “Fruit. Westerners eat different fruit than Thai people. So when a coffee description in English mentions the name of a fruit, it doesn’t always immediately register.” This is the second statement Boss said after he took his first sip of medium roasted SWC. “Apricot” was the first. Then, with Neung, …

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Bubiko Foodtour and friends

Cupping Steve’s Wild Coffee (part 1)

Later, I will talk about my experiences using coffee in my visual art projects and writing. For example, one of my books contains a chapter about coffee. For now, I will simply say that creating my own brand of coffee would combine several longtime interests, including, ultimately, AR. (Presentations about AR at HK Poly. A …

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2020 Stephen Black presentations

Latest news! In October, in Turin, Italy, SB will be at: VIEW (last year’s event featured Brad Bird (The Incredibles, The Iron Giant), as well as talents responsible for animation for Game of Thrones, Toy Story, Star Wars and Spiderman: the Spider-verse, and more.) Stephen Black will be giving the following presentations on Augmented Reality …

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