Contemporary Photography

Rochester, New York (early 2020)

I have had friends in Rochester since I went to RIT. I go back when I can, maybe once every ten years. This year I was fortunate to visit twice. I took quite a few notes while in Rochester; maybe a story, maybe a poem. This post is about Scorgie’s, Rochester’s answer to CBGB’s. As …

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San Francisco: Traffic Studies

There is a similar series of images about Detroit here. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is one of the largest and most effective bicycle advocacy groups in the United States, and their efforts are impacting street usage. Augmented Reality’s impact upon the world of bicycling is of great interest to me, and this interest has, …

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Detroit: Traffic Studies

As I become more involved AR’s potential impact upon traffic, I see roads, vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles differently. The following documentary photographs are study aids; barely related to my previous street photography projects, such as the Bus Stopping series. There is also a study of San Francisco here. I will be making a presentation about …

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Bubiko: one afternoon in Toledo

Bubiko’s guide to AR is now available on Amazon! San Francisco, Rose City MI, and soon the Pierogi Festival… Bubiko is on the go! In these photos, she hung out with some models at Rustbelt Coffee and then walked around downtown. More scenes of Toledo. Bubiko was made by Novaby, based on ideas by Stephen …

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Blessed Sacrament Festival, Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Blessed Sacrament Festival, June 9, 2019. Plus a surprise or two. Polka Kings: Does Polka Music Really Come from Poland? POLISH SUMMER PICNIC! JUNE 14 and 15 New York Times article: DIVERSIONS; Ardent Polka Fans Take to the Road to Pursue Their Irrepressible Music A very pleasant time. Besides the people, food and music, …

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