PARIS/London AR Meetup @ Microsoft Reactor

This post provides notes on the above Powerpoint. The actual presentation elaborated on the points much more than I do here. Please feel free to ask questions. Also, as always I recommend joining the Open Augmented Reality Cloud. They are working to create open, interoperable standards to encourage the growth, use and understanding of AR. …

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ARphabet Tour

the ARphabet tour Indiegogo Prelaunch  page. With the three topics of AR, Books and Mango Sticky Rice, The ARphabet tour starts at ARIA at MIT, January 14 and 15, 2019.  AR-themed presentations are one part of the tour, the second involves readings and writing workshops.There is also a component called The Mango Sticky Rice Experience.https://blacksteps.tv/the-mango-sticky-rice-experience-part-of-the-arphabet-tour/ …

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Lotus Mountain

Latest info about Lotus Mountain here. Based on Leng Mo, a story from Alphabet Spikes by bestselling author Stephen Black. LOTUS MOUNTAIN a Weiblack Machine Production A 360VR FILM NOW IN PRODUCTION/POSTPRODUCTION SET IN HONG KONG & CHINA’S SILICON VALLEY REUNITED, FIVE YEARS AFTER HE BROKE HER HEART. SHE’S A ROBOT. HE’S THE MAN WHO …

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August 4, 2018 Hong Kong: From Blockchain to Noodles with Gluten and Black Fungus

Notes on today for Alphabet Spikes, my book-in-progress-as-experiment-on Amazon. These images are from Dustin Stupp’s quietly stimulating On Brink artwork, now on display at the Innovation Tower at HK PolyU. Very thought-provoking, Dustin’s piece is a trustworthy way to begin an understanding of Blockchain. First at lunch, and then at the artwork itself, we discussed …

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Bubiko Foodtour prototype


Bubiko is growing daily, moving from 2D to 3D to AR, always looking for interesting food. Bubiko’s adventures so far: 2D Bubiko in AR test. World’s first AR Photographic Exhibition, about Ipoh, Malaysia. Bubiko’s eBook, on Amazon: IPOH: 88 iPhone Photographs by Bubiko Foodtour Bubiko’s Instagram Facebook twitter: @bubikofoodtour