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Cap’n Blog (FaceReplaced beta test)

Thanks to Catchar, I discovered the FaceReplaced app. I installed and in less than 5 minutes had a very interesting little video. The following gives you an idea of what FaceReplaced can do but, yes…I hope you are viewing this on a mobile phone, as it seems to be upside down. This is a normal …

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VIEW 2019 part 2

It was unexpected, suddenly having a brief discussion about cancer treatments with Professor Daniel Zajfman, the President of the Weizmann Institute of Science. Unplanned as well; Professor Zajfman was being interviewed right in front of me. What I happened to overhear was a phrase that went something like this: “Historically, cancer was perceived as one …

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Preliminary metacarpal results

Hi! Stephen Black here! Following are works in progress for a project for a health provider. This is a very basic TEST for a short film and far from complete. Bubiko’s mouth for example, does not properly move yet. Simply, please do not share with anyone unless they are a professional. Our partner, the 3D …

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Stephen Black is the co-creator of Bubiko Foodtour, and the author of Bubiko Foodtour’s Unusual Guide to Augmented Reality. This proposal was posted on Kaleidoscope on February 25, 2019. Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley, on the night of Chinese Valentine’s Day. Joyh, a cyborg, is finally taken out into the world by Dave, her creator. Five …

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Blank. later, and in black and white

Starring John Cusack and the Spirit of Yosh Kawano

Next to me is Mari Goround, probably the only Asian in the audience. We’re in the balcony, the “cheap seats” that cost us a hundred and six bucks. We wish we’d bought drinks. And eaten. Below us are couples and groups of middle-aged Caucasians. Some pink hair, some green hair, some went-to-my-stylist-this afternoon-hair, grey hair, …

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