Detroit and Cherry 2: Harsho!

Harsho Mohan Chattoraj is a giant among illustrators in India.

I am honored that he has agreed to do the cover, and possibly more, for Detroit and Cherry, the book project I am now finalizing.

For now, a couple of samples of Harsho's work, and an excerpt from his resume.

Examples of Harsho's techniques and projects can be found here.

As for Detroit and Cherry, it is shaping up to be a novella that is a mix of i ate tiong bahru with Kiss of the Spider Woman and a snapshot of May 7, 2020. The dynamics of the times we live in are also shaping the story. Stay safe, everyone.

Harsho has successfully been working as a freelance illustrator for the past 15 years.

Below are some of his projects.

2020: Created a 52 page comic anthology called ‘Chotushkon’, published by Book farm.

2020: Created 2 comics – 24 pages – for Amar Chitra Katha, published in ‘Women Path –Breakers’.

2019: Created 5 comic pages in a weekly comic strip for Ei Shomoy titled ‘100 Years of East Bengal’.

2019: Worked on a monthly webcomic – 150 + pages for Moneycontrol, called ‘Moneycontrol G Spot’. 2019: Created a 48 page graphic novel ‘Destiny Awakes’ for BP Inc.

2019: Created a 68 page graphic novel ‘ Pagla Sahib’s Grave’ for Starmark.

2019: Created a 5 page comic for ‘Sandesh’ Puja issue.2019: Created a 5 page comic for Bhoot Tatwa Puja issue.

2019: Currently working on a 90-page graphic novel ‘Ghost-Hunting in Kolkata’ for Harper Collins.

2019: Created a 6 page comic ‘We’re so Beautiful’ for Tinkle.

2019: Created a 30-page comic ‘ Living Well’ for AIIMS.

2018: Created a 19 page comic ‘Shaitan’ issue 1 ( of 4 ) for Holy Cow comics.

2018: Created a 14 page comic ‘When Padman meets Suppandi’ for ACK.

2018: Created a 13 page comic ‘100 Knots’ for ‘the Phantom Chronicles’ anthology, for Synegairi.

2018: Created a 10 page comic ‘Fischgeschichten’ for the Swiss Strapazin magazine.2018: Created a 5 page comic ‘Five Decades at 55B’ for the Bates ad house in Kolkata.2018: Created a 36 page comic on the life of Netaji – ‘Chhobite Netaji Jiboni’, for Shishu Kishor Academy.

2010-2013:Created the 64 page graphic novel ‘Dhyanchand’ for Amar Chitra Katha. Nominated ‘Best Artist’ in the 2014 Comic Con Awards. 2010-13:

2012: Created a graphic novel titled ‘Wicket Politics’, awarded ‘Best Unpublished Graphic Novel’ in the 2012 Comic Con Awards

Looking forward to this collaboration!

Mark Twain with Indian men having a discussion
Mark Twain by Harsho

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