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Facebook Goes Cameramondo

First, Facebook says its future is all video:

a Fortune article video about FB, video and VR.

In terms of advertising revenue, perhaps videos generate more money for Facebook than nonvideo ads.

This seems to be true, as FB is greatly de-emphasizing text. The following is from a Tech Crunch article written by Natasha Lomas

So, basically, if you want to spam all your Facebook friends with a video of yourself wearing an animal selfie lens, Facebook will happily put all its tech at your disposal. But if you wish to swap a few words with people in your Facebook network, Facebook actively discourages that by requiring you switch to its Messenger app to do so. It’s very clear where the company’s priorities lie.

With Stories, Facebook  copies Snapchat, and makes it clear that the written word is not part of its future. This is great news for Quora, Medium and other sites that promote exchange through the written word. Bloggers and news sites could benefit also, as Facebook decreases the number of  thoughtful personal posts and increases  whimsical and self-destructing/ephemeral video posts.

Facebook introduced :

Facebook Camera Effects-funny adds on for photos, just like Snapchat filters.

Facebook Direct-lets users share disappearing photos and videos in private messages -just like Snapchat Snaps.

Facebook Stories- disappearing photos and videos for news feeds. Just like Snapchat Stories. A useful article and video on how to use Facebook stories;

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