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Five things I learned on my first 360 VR shoot: The Director is Blind

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I am sure all 360 producers and directors work differently, but on Beach Road the director ran away from the scene! I, being the actor, was shocked! Shocked for only a moment, as it was immediately obvious that with six cameras pointed in all directions that the director (and cameraman and sound person and any other crew members) would have been in the shot. So, the director/cameraman (the multitalented Ender) set up the rig, clapped his hands to start the cameras rolling and then dashed off to hide himself.

Beach Road is meant to be a poetic visual statement as well as a learning experience. My character was not given any speaking lines, nor required to do any dynamic motions. We selected locations that fully utilized the 360 degree field of vision. Beach Road is "visually neutral" in terms of directorial action.  Viewers who are using 360 viewers for the first time will hopefully be at ease.   Although we've provided a few visual and audio cues,  viewers can comfortably direct/enjoy the scene at their own pace.

In terms of filmmaking technique, Beach Road is rather basic; a simple statement, but hopefully one with depth. As  we aim to increase our storytelling tools and skills, future productions will require more dynamics from  the talent.  Then,  the director will be able to view the actors and somehow the sound and lighting crews will do their jobs invisibly.

... with no rules or standards in place, how can companies explain this new field to a layperson who just wants to watch a new kind of movie? 

-from https://www.fastcodesign.com/3046634/how-hollywood-is-learning-to-tell-stories-in-virtual-reality


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