Four examples of a blog post display on mobile (Instant Article)

Instant Articles by Facebook, created specifically for mobile, are said to offer the advantages of an attractive layout and fast loading time, especially with images and video. On this WordPress blog, I easily installed a plugin called LH Instant Articles, by Peter Shaw. It was highly rated and the descriptions and explanations were simple. At the bottom of this post is text from the description.

Facebook browser Chrome mobile Chrome mobile-friendly Safari ios

Only the Chrome mobile-friendly browser displays the ext and layout as I had expected, but there is no image! My friend Tun sent these these to me, and he is a great IT guy;teaches it in fact. SO I need to ask him the difference between Chrome mobile and Chrome mobile friendly. And thanks also to Stuart Rankin.

Here is the text from the LH Description...

LH Instant Articles

By Peter Shaw

This plugin is a very simple bloat free way of enabling instant articles. At its most basic it creates a facebook compliant RSS feed that allows you to publish Instant Articles to facebook pages. E.G. or . You can and should specify your facebook page id in the settings screen. You can optionally also include additional post types in the instant articles feed. And by the use of many different hooks you can modify the html outputted in the Instant Articles feed. It also supports:

• Adding related posts (see faq) • Adding analytics and tracking (see faq) • Adding advertisments (see faq) • Version: 1.16 • Author: Peter Shaw • Last Updated: 2 weeks ago • Requires WordPress Version: 3.0 or higher • Compatible up to: 4.8 • Active Installs: 300+ • Plugin Page » • Plugin Homepage »


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(based on 4 ratings)


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5 stars

4 stars

I wanted to thank Peter Shaw, but doesn't acknowledge my password...and Peter's blog requires me to log in and set up an account...Peter, if you see this, THANKS! It works great, though I wonder why it displays so differently...

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