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Friends of the ARphabet Tour

All of the sections of the ARphabet Tour are explained here.

The ARphabet Tour is a direct result of the Bubiko Orwell Tour of Southeast Asia, which took place from 2016-18. Being on the road constantly is both extremely rewarding and extremely challenging.

The following are the organizations and companies that kept us going; they are lights that kept the darkness from defeating us. As for the individuals, I am still thinking of how I can ever thank  them all.

Please at least skim through this list, and click on as many as you can. They are all good people offering great value in their respective fields.

For now, links and short descriptions; the  behind-the-scenes stories will appear in Alphabet Spikes.

Kerr Sun. 
The Global Marketing Company for Real Estate

Good PR starts with good stories--and Bridges tells good stories. John and/or Nan will get you where you want to be.
John Forty and his team consistently make sure that their clients receive their goods from China on time, and only after rigorous Quality Control.

Maker magic in the heart of Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China. Henk, Hans and a whole lot of gear, expertise and connections.

Great rooms, art, fun and the best view in Ipoh
Award winning luxury in Ipoh
The Golden Triangle Palace Hotel: a treasure in the heart of Chiang Rai
Wow stuff galore! 
Storytellers’ Kitchen is all about engaging with technology by doing, and learning how to apply those skills to a variety of disciplines and mediums.
Drones. Educational drones. Fun. Fun. Fun. Lunchbox FPV!

All of the sections of the ARphabet Tour are explained here.

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