GeoPose: a low tech symbol?

The challenge: how can we simply show the benefits of GeoPose?

For AR to benefit all, and to safely evolve into a platform as powerful as radio, television and the internet, we need to simply illustrate the situation.

If organizations like Microsoft, Amazon, ATT, government agencies, NTT, Apple, traffic and safety supervisors (including AV) etc. each create individual AR platforms that do not access others: there is a problem.

This candle idea hopefully represents the idea that all companies can create their own AR opportunities, but for them to achieve maximum brilliance, a GeoPose standard is needed.

Feedback greatly appreciated. I will redo this video as soon as I can access the studio.

Stay well!

Check these links!

Standards Working Group of the Open Geospatial Consortium

Open Augmented Reality Cloud

The differences between GPS and GeoPose.

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