GeoPose Consolidation August 2021

Open to all, these resources have been prepared for those panelists participating in the August 31st virtual presentation hosted by the Altimetrik Collider. The working title of the presentation is 'GeoPose'. Confirmed participants as of 8/8/21 : Christine Perey (PEREY Research & Consulting) and Julia Beabout(Novaby). I will be moderating. The theme is now being refined, keeping in mind that the initial audience will likely be composed of software engineers.

This will be my fourth presentation at the Collider. Attendance figures: 2019:12, 2020:43, 2021 July:72 + video audience tbd. The August 31st presentation will be edited, and will appear on the Collider Youtube channel.

I am sure that the August 31st event will be well attended, and a source of valuable information.


I would also like to thank the Collider for allowing us to share the excitement and potential of AR.



PS.I am actively looking for journalists, bloggers, podcasters, journalists and media contacts of any kind. In August I will back in New Orleans to upgrade the AR Soda Bread exhibition at the Irish Cultural Museum. For the month of September, I will be in NYC, creating AR art and many kinds of AR experiences. The media contacts do not necessarily have to be knowledgeable about AR. The projects are varied, but some subjects include books, bagels, leiaher-crafted goods, kuehs and the White Stripes rock band.


From the July 21, 2021 Collider presentation. Ori's remarks are full of information about AR's exciting present and future.

From the same presentation, this video by James Jackson, CTO for the Open AR Cloud.

The last presenter, Ali Hantal, from XR Masters, did an excellent live demo, proving again that the best way to understand the power of location-based AR is to experience it.

Any serious discussion about GeoPose and location-based AR must include the work of Augmented.City. I created this video to explain the technical side of Bubiko: First Flight, the world's first example of spatial cinema. The Bubiko: First Flight project was created with the support of Augmented.City, Novaby and Network Internazionale Danza PUGLIA.

  • Jan-Erik Vijne: OARC, GeoPose and large scale AR testbeds Extracts from Jan-Erik Vijne's presentation at the 2020 Nordic VR Forum. Used with permission.

A simulated Simulated Location Experiment, suggested by James Jackson.

Thank you all!



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